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Vegan Snacks For the Unsure-Not-Yet-Vegan

Caitlin Rance

Artwork by Jacinda Russell (click the photo to checkout her work on her site)

Artwork by Jacinda Russell (click the photo to checkout her work on her site)

So you're into the vegan lifestyle, but you're not ready to quit your old habits cold turkey. Understandable. I've slowly been making my way into a plant based diet, and I've realized the easiest way for me has been by adding in vegan friendly snacks and meals into my diet in place of animal product based snacks! I know it can be hard finding snacks that are yummy, healthy, and filling, but little do you know these snacks are laying right under your nose! 

Here are some of my current favorites:

  • Pita bread and hummus or vegan butter. I normally put my pita bread in this mini oven we have at home to warm it up and give it a little bit of a crisp (about a min and a half) This way, when it comes out it smells like fresh baked bread (sooo good) 
  • Platter of carrots and hummus, with some green apples! The combination of salty & sweet is sure to help your cravings when all you wanna do is reach for some chocolate.
  • Grapes! Literally like candy and pretty good for ya too!
  • Toast with almond butter, sliced bananas, agave nectar, and sprinkled cinnamon on top. Very filling and a good pick me up if you have a sweet-tooth
  • Veggie chips & guac (yum yum yum)
  • Roasted chickpeas (literal crack) Preheat your oven to 450 degrees F, then making sure your chickpeas are somewhat dry, toss them in bowl of olive oil, salt, garlic salt, and cayenne pepper, then place them on a bake sheet and bake for about 30-40 minutes depending on how crunchy you want them!
  • Açai bowl! Most grocery stores will sell frozen packets of açai, so all you have to do is pop it in a blender, add some almond milk or coconut water, fruits, and the voila! 

What are your favorite vegan snacks?