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Decorating Your Space 101

Caitlin Rance


Step 1: Pick a theme. I've always been into the 70's theme, so I tend to gravitate to 70's inspired themes with a modern twist.

Step 2: Have stand out items that give your space personality! A lot of the items you'll probably find thrifting.

Step 3: Create some good vibes & bring in the GREEN

Step 4: Organization! Always have a thing where another                           thing goes! You'll be able to find containers at your local target, home goods, container store etc. A tip if you don't want to spend that much money is reusing tin cans! Just take the outside wrapping off and leave it as is (silver and all) or do a DIY paint job to customize. 

In no time you should have a space that you are absolutely in love with. Remember your room is kind of your sanctuary of sorts, and thats where you will most likely end up after a long day!

P.S. Click on the pictures because almost everything seen here is available to buy!