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Summer Favorites

Caitlin Rance


It’s Summer. Maybe not technically according to the calendar, but it’s hot, I can get away with eating popsicles for every meal and I can pretty much be in a bathing suit all day. Each season there are items I tend to gravitate to more—whether it’s a scent, a pair of shoes, a movie or a song. Here are my current Summer 2019 favorites!

P.S. Click the photos to shop the items :)

jeans & a tee

These sunnies were definitely too expensive to justify. I first saw them on Harling Ross’ instagram story (you may be able to find her wearing them via her ‘outfits’ highlight story) and could only think about them after the fact. I’ve never felt more satisfied with a purchase and I’m convinced they look good on every one. Also, who can argue with a pair of glitter sunglasses?

I’ve been very attracted to the Marc Jacobs Snapshot Bag for a while, but could never finally pull the trigger to get one. I recently saw this jelly version of the bag on Michelle Li’s instagram and was OBSESSED. I know something like this isn’t for everyone…which sort of makes me love it more. The chances of me running into someone with this bag are slim. Also, doesn’t this kinda scream summer camp field trip?

jeans & a tee

GUYS. I FOUND THE LE LABO SANTAL DUPE! I was recently in a Madewell and came across the perfume section. Like any sane person, I sprayed all of them on myself until I couldn’t tell what was up and what was down. I was about to leave when my mom sprayed this one. We can all imagine my face. This is now my forever scent. If you haven’t been privy to the le labo hype…it’s probably for the best, but I’ve gotta admit they got their scents down-packed. I’m pretty sure everyone in LA smells like this scent but it’s good. So Good. If you’re not into fragrances you might be into this one. It’s not overwhelming and sort of makes me imagine this would be the natural scent of someone who’s been traveling along the Italian coast for the Summer, smoking the occasional cigar but mostly being in the company of occasional cigar smokers, rum drinkers and orange eaters.

This is also sort of in the santal dupe section of scents. It smells…natural. Not too overwhelming, sort of like coming home to something familiar. I feel like I knew about this candle from the Kush scent they released within the line. For a trendy candle, it’s on the cheaper side and it’s also pretty big. I love it.

Why are bathing suits so pricey when they barely cover any of your skin? Like? What? Shopping for a bathing suit has never been easy for me. One day I was on ASOS and came across their basics section (pretty much a section where they sell basics in packs so you can get a certain amount of white t-shirts for a specific price etc you get it.) Anyway, I came across a pack of two bathings suits: one white, one black for about $40. A steal, in my mind. I bought the pack a few years ago and I still can’t stop wearing them. I’m more privy to the black one, which is why i’ve included it in My Summer favorites. I feel like you can never go wrong with a one piece, and especially a black one piece. It’s chic, always ready for any situation, and can double as a body suit. And if you’re nervous about it being boring, buy yourself a pair of glitter sunglasses to pair with it.