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Movies to Watch


Movies to Watch

Caitlin Rance

I'm obsessed with watching films. It's probably my favorite past time and honestly, I should consider becoming a movie critic because I love films so much. Due to this infatuation I'm always on the hunt for the next lineup. Though this selection is definitely an eclectic one, they are all films that have stuck out to me, and I think you will enjoy.

*It should be noted a majority of these are on Netflix however the ones you can't find, can be easily googled and found on those 'sites' if ya know what I mean.

God Help the Girl

I watched this movie one Thursday night after a long day of classes in my dorm room. It happens to have two of my favorite people in the lead roles, Olly Alexander (lead singer of Years & Years) as well as Emily Browning (one of my fav actresses.) This movie basically focuses on a girl who deals with a lot of emotional issues within herself, however the one thing she finds solace in is music. Obviously this isn't the whole movie as there are two other main characters in the movie however the premise focuses a lot on music and friendship and I fully enjoyed it. It's a bit kooky and sometimes a bit slow but a good late night watch. 

The Lady In The Car With Glasses And A Gun

So I watched this one after a long day of work. I had just developed a major cold from attending Gov Ball the day before so Netflix and bit of soup was my plan for the evening. I knew I wanted to watch a foreign film, more specifically a French film and I just so happened to fall on this. This movie is a bit of a mystery thriller and takes place in the 70's I believe. The main character has never seen the sea, however when an opportunity arises, and the keys to a nice car are so delicately put in front of her, she springs at the opportunity. Of course nothing falls in line that perfectly, and soon enough super weird things start to happen to her along her journey. The actress in this movie is gorgeous and the style in this film is like to die for.


I watched this movie last week and it was kind of amazing. I've always been a lover of independent films, especially those that take place more out west in desert towns. This movie stars Diana Agron who I'm sure you know of from Glee, as well as wild child (now woman) Paz De La Huerta who is kind of insane (in a good way.) Diana is living a tired boring life, with a boring group of friends and a boyfriend who doesn't really even know her. However when Diana meets Paz, everything about her becomes ignited. 


This movie stars also stars Emily Browning and is focused on music. The movie is directed by Twilight director, Christine Hardwick and definitely has Twilight vibes (not so much in the vampire sense but in the moody-mysterious way.) If you've ever dreamt of being a rockstar this is kind of the movie for you. Though it is a bit weird, raunchy and dark, it's that type of movie that keeps you up at night wondering wtf but kind of in a good way. 


Another French film that focuses on a young teenage girl who's dull life becomes everything and more when a new girl arrives at school. However when this new girl who is the picture perfect idea of your wild BFF becomes bored in the friendship, things take a dark twist. I absolutely loved this film because I feel like it touches on the female friendship to a T. It highlighted the harsh reality of being young in school, and the way it ends will leave you in complete shock.