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Caitlin Rance

I recently watched this movie this past Saturday and it's by far one of my favorite movies I've seen to date. I remember seeing ads for this movie online, and I think it even played in theatres, but from what I remember it was very short lived.

Personally, I think this movie was the most underrated film of 2015, and heres why:

Not only is this movie hilarious & paired with a PHENOMENAL soundtrack (a couple of songs might I add were personally produced by Pharrell Williams) But, the casts majority is black and get this (it's sorta kinda definitely relatable.) Although the movie definitely touches on drug culture in a humorous way, I think it paints the picture of teenagers in high school perfectly. Kids are exploring their weirdness and creativity (embracing it nonetheless), feeling the hardships of not finding love, applying to college, and having to think critically to solve problems. 


Directed by Rick FamuyiwaDOPE takes place in modern day LA, and focuses on a group of teens who basically bond over all things 90's (hip-hop,fashion,culture,etc.) Somehow this group of low-profile "nerds" get caught up with a drug dealer played by the ever so beautiful A$AP Rocky, and after a seemingly fun party, one of the three teens played by Shameik Moore ends up with a bag of ecstasy stashed in his backpack. How they figure out this shit show is why you NEED to watch. Not only does the movie also feature the beautiful Kiersey Clemons (who SURPRISE! Will be feature on an upcoming Cool Girl of the Week) but you'll also get a some Tony Revolori who played Zero in The Grand Budapest Hotel!

Other notable people should be mentioned like: Zoë Kravitz, Chanel Iman, and Blake Anderson.

*I don't own any of these photos