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Cool Girl


Caitlin Rance

You're an insanely talented photographer. What got you into photography, and what has kept you doing it?

* blushes *

 You are either born a creative psychopath or not. I enjoy a lot of mediums but film photography is my one true love. I think I create images of my psyche, so the way the chemical alchemy of photography balances that of my mind is really cathartic. Also there is something very powerful in being behind the camera when you were driven into that position by the anxiety you had infront of the camera.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

When a professor once told me I sucked.

Who would you say is an icon in your eyes?

Dead: David Bowie

Living: RuPaul and Gucci Mane gave me all the confidence I have.

Musically, what/who are you listening to at the moment?

If you are a determined individual you listen to Future’s DS2AT LEAST once daily. But besides that, Badbadnotgood. Leland Whitty is a mastermind. Also always Radiohead.

Who is the best person you’ve ever shot, and who is someone on your dream list to shoot?

My friends and the people I am surrounded by are my favorite people to shoot because I feel they defy normalcy in so many ways. So my list is full of eccentrics and goes from drag queens to Lady Gaga to Young Thug.

If you could disappear to a deserted island for a few years, what are the top 3 things (living or inanimate) you would bring with you?

A camera and two rolls of film.

What’s one song you know all the words to and could belt out at a moment’s notice?

Choppa on da couch by Gucci Mane ft. Young Dolph

As a creative, there are always points of ‘writers block.’ Though we all have different ways of getting out of those ruts, what’s something that helps you?

Technology breaks are very vital to me. We are bombarded with so many images and everyone copies each other now.

When do you feel most you?

When I take off my bra at the end of the day

As a New Yorker, what do you find about the city and its people that attract so many artists?

1. Everybody is weird  

2. Nobody cares

Working within the creative industry, what advice could you offer to anyone who is looking to get a foot in the door?

Nobody knows what they’re doing but everyone looks like they do so don’t worry.

Do you find yourself shooting more in the daytime, or nighttime? Which do you prefer?

Night time is where I am more inspired.

How would you describe your style concerning your photography?

Very cerebral: psychedelic, daydreams, nightmares…evoking that sense.

How would you describe your style concerning your fashion choices?

I love to confuse people by combining all of my strange influences and teetering between two extremes: mixing designer with thrift store, pairing suits and blazers with air force ones, or putting a hoodie over a dress.

What or who are you inspired by when it comes to life in general?

Opposing forces. The things that make darkness beautiful. Taking two things that did not agree and making them agree. I Imagine a mix of classical music and hiphop. Or a greek goddess in full leather BDSM gear.

We’re living in an extremely political & socially charged time. As a young adult, what do you think is one big thing other young adults should be focusing their attention on at the moment?

Openly your own thoughts. Have a dialogue with yourself in why you think that way. And then think in those terms when dealing with someone else. If you are going to check someone else, you have better checked yourself first. The problem is not the extreme differences between people, but the inability for either of the sides to listen.



What do you think are the top five must have pieces that should be in every girls wardrobe?

1. A band tee of a band you actually listen to.

2. Nike air max or air force ones.

3. Every girl should have a suit. Like blazer and trousers. Seriously.

4. That go-to-sans-pants-giant-sweatshirt-tshirt-thing.

5. Platform shoes.

What are your top five beauty/skincare products?

1. Get your brows tinted!

2. Secret to pimple spot treatment is diaper cream. Seriously. 

3. Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer.

4. Peter Thomas Roth Brightening Bubble Mask

5. Nip+Fab Bee Venom Lifting Mask (be careful if you are allergic!)

How do you feel about the term Cool Girl?

I feel……cool

States or Abroad? Is New York an answer?

Hot or Cold? Cold. Jackets.

Digital or Film? FILM

To Love or Be Loved? Loving feels so nice

Vintage or Runway? The conjoined twin of both.

Coffee or Tea? Coffee

Night in or Night out? Night in

Call or Text? Call

Eyes or Lips? Eyes

Denim or Leather? Leather

Book or Film? Film

Color or Black & White? Black and White




Interview by Caitlin Rance

Photography provided by Dannah's Instagram