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Cool Girl


Caitlin Rance


Besides answering these questions, what are you up to at the moment?

I am currently working (and just opened the door) at YIELD's design shop, Obscura. I manage the shop from afar usually, but due to scheduling complications with staff, I’m in the store every Thursday now. I don’t mind at all, it is so nice in here!

You’re the community + content manager for Yield Design Co. What attracted you to this position, and what’s a typical day like for you?

What I love about working for YIELD is that no day is the same. We have so many projects, events, and new products that keep our work load ever-changing. Sometimes I spend the day photographing and editing new products or a styled shoot. Other days I am ordering new inventory for Obscura or coordinating the next artist pop-up/gallery event at the shop. My job allows me to exercise strengths I have other than photography.

You’re based in Florida. Would you say there’s a creative hub where you live?

It's up and coming. I've lived in Florida for three years now and it's amazing how much it's evolved. I am constantly learning about new creative businesses in town, or that are coming to town (designers, craft breweries, restaurants, shops, artists). Many of these businesses are being run by young creatives who went to the local liberal arts school, Flagler. I think it's pretty cool to be a part of a creative community in a place where most don’t associate creatives in. Florida is a diamond in the rough.

What would you say are the top five pieces everyone should have in their closet?

When did you first get into photography? And what would say it is that attracts you to the medium?

In high school. I started taking photographs of my friends in social situations. That stuck through college and I kind of became the token party photographer for a while. I also think growing up in a small town (my high school graduating class was a total of 21) and seeing fashion photography and design in magazines sparked my interest. Seeing each artist’s perspective through color palette, subject, and styling has always inspired me.

How do you feel about the term, Cool Girl?

Being “cool” is so subjective. Being cool to me is being passionate, curious, eager to learn and true to yourself.

jeans & a tee

Vintage or Runway? Vintage

Book or Movie? Movie

Coffee or Tea? Coffee

Hot or Cold? Hot

To Love or Be Loved? Be Loved

Denim or Lace? Denim

Heels or Flats? “Heels” aka 2.5” max

Night In or Night Out? Night Out

Text or Call? Call

Color or Black + White? Color

Future or Past? Neither, Present

Glossy or Matte? Matte  

Has Florida always been home to you? And if not, what brought you here?

I'm actually from Long Island, NY. I went to SCAD for college and after graduation I moved back home for a while and then ultimately decided on Florida. My best friend from home went to Flagler College so I was familiar with Saint Augustine. Savannah and Saint Augustine definitely have their similarities in weather, charm, history so it was an easy transition. The warm weather, beaches, tropical flora, natural springs and cost of living has kept me here. I also love that Charleston, Savannah, Atlanta, and Miami are just a short road trip away.

If you could disappear anywhere for 1 year, where would you go, and what three things would you bring with you?

To travel Scandinavia. My mom’s side is from Norway and I always wanted to see ‘my roots’—eating the cuisines, experiencing the northern lights, seeing Scandinavian design, exploring the landscape and getting to know the art and culture. I would bring my boyfriend Isaiah (best travel partner), a few cameras, and a huge suitcase (so I can bring/bring home lots of clothing/goods).

When do you feel most you?

7am, a cup of coffee, my velvet couch with the sunlight beaming through the blinds or 10pm, weekend night, nsync blasting, wine glass in hand, dancing with my girlfriends before we go out.

What, or who is your favorite to shoot?

I haven’t done much of them lately, but styled fashion shoots are my favorite. I really enjoy the collaboration between designer, model, stylist and MUA.

When do you find yourself the most inspired?


What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Know yourself, be confident and happy within yourself. Be yourself. It sounds cliche and perhaps even a bit simple, but it’s a difficult feat. I have personally struggled with this for years. It is an emotionally tough world we live in with social media, beauty standards, and gender roles breathing down our neck. As I have gotten older and explored more, I have felt more at one with myself.

Who are you listening to (musically) at the moment?

I’m an R&B lover! Majid Jordan, Bryson Tiller, Partynextdoor and dvsn have been on repeat.

What are the end all be all beauty products for you?

Jeans & A Tee

Take the time — Thrift stores are everything.

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Interview by Caitlin Rance

Photos provided by Kelsey Heinze