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Cool Girl


Caitlin Rance

jeans & a tee

Besides answering these questions, what are you up to at the moments?

Lying in the sun or at the beach or at some body of water.

Your work is so unique and your usage of color with every one of your pieces is insane. Were you always attracted to color when you first started creating?

Thank you! I’ve probably always loved colour but I never used to paint I would always draw with lead or black pencil, colour happened when I tried to paint. I believe it is me half too scared to try realistic colours so it’s like failing on purpose? Realistic colours weren’t as exciting to work with

When do you think you first started making art? Was there someone or something that ever inspired you initially? 

I’ve always been into art since I was little, my mum is an artist, so I’ve always been around art and art supplies and it’s just come naturally.

You also do some beautiful and unique work makeup wise! What inspired you to use the face as a canvas?

Painting faces has helped me understand the human face really well, understanding the light and dark etc, I used to play with my own face, every day was an opportunity to try something new make up wise. I love seeing something I’ve created on a real human, it brings it to life.

When do you feel most you?

Dancing or at the beach.

What’s the best advice, or perhaps mantra that you live by? 

Nothing matters. I had this epiphany last year some time where literally everything you do you won’t remember or won’t matter in 6 months(usually) it was this big relief. I gained so much confidence realising that I could say or do anything and people probably wouldn’t remember in a years time. Fights with friends will be forgotten, so why worry?

What does a typical day in your life look like?

Lately it’s either lie in the sun and do some art or go to the beach, see someone, watch the sunset with friends, walk around where I live, all the coasts and headlands.

What would you say are the top 5 things everyone should have in their closet?

A perfect pair of shoes, a good jacket, dungarees, a slip dress, something with flowers on it.

What’s something or someone you’re obsessed with/into at the moment?

I’m obsessed with good music right now, I’ve really needed it lately to complement my life.

How do you feel about the term, ‘Cool Girl’?

I think it reeks positivity and a good framework for a girl to be the exact girl she needs to be.

When you find yourself in a funk, what are some things you do to get out of it?

See people, talk to people, get out and about. There’s nothing for me like being trapped at home and going crazy, I need to see people. Sometimes even just getting all nice and dressed and going out of the house can make you feel normal again.

Who’s an icon in your eyes?

Basquiat, I love people who seem like angels? Like they’re not quite from here, they’re too precious. He just had this feeling around him that I can’t quite name but really admire.

Who are you listening to musically at the moment?

Everything! My music taste keeps changing it’s hilarious. One name I can think of is SZA, she is perfect for Summer.

What do you think inspires you or perhaps motivates you to create every day?

Getting better, sometimes, not always, but sometimes I’ll be on a run where every new hung I create is better than the last, and that gives me so much joy, I just want to evolve.

Are there certain aspects about where you live that you think inspire the work you make?

Yes 100% I live in the most beautiful place, I’m surrounded by creatives, most of my friends are artists or photographers or models! So much juicy inspiration and access. 

Describe your dream day!

At the beach, with someone I love, perfect weather, no wind, perfect swimming conditions, crystal clear water.

jeans & a tee

Hot or Cold? Both! But at their due times 

Coffee or Tea? Tea baby 

Black + White or Color? Colour 

Book or Film? Film 

Call or Text? Call 

Matte or Glossy? Gloss of course

Sweet or Savory? Sweet

Denim or Leather? Denim 

Day or Night? Day

what’s your fashion secret?

Buy from op shops. It’s the best way to know you’re doing something good and nobody else will have what you have.


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Interview by Caitlin Rance

Photos provided by Bayley Kilpin