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Cool Girl


Caitlin Rance

jeans and a tee

Besides answering these questions, what are you up to at the moment?

Having a tofu bánh mì and cucumber margarita at the airport.

When do you feel most you?

Whenever I’m making someone laugh (also I must be in a nice outfit making someone laugh).

Who are you listening to at the moment?

I’ve never listened to a podcast but my friend sends me chaotic voice memos sometimes so I think it’s probably similar. As for music, I’ve been rotating old Devendra Bahnart, old Lana Del Rey, and new BTS.

jeans & a tee

You have this amazing shop called Poorly Curated. Can you tell us a bit about it? What motivated you to start it? When did you start it? We want the deets!

Well, I started it full time after graduating college in 2016 because I was applying to jobs in NY but didn’t feel like my interests/skills/beliefs aligned with anything. The thought of working for a company with messed up environmental and labor practices pained me, so here I am photographing and selling vintage! Saving some clothes I hope!

As a creative do you ever find yourself in creative ruts? And if so, how do you navigate them?

This may be an unhelpful answer but not really cause I just make and do things when I feel like it.

jeans & a tee

One concept of your store which I’ve noticed is sustainability. We’ve been seeing more conversations and focus on the benefits of sustainable fashion versus fast fashion and I’d love to know your thoughts on it. How do you approach fast fashion? Or do you avoid it all together?

Oof this is a lot because y’know capitalism and stuff but ummm the term “fashion” is based on trends which requires constant consumption. So it’s best to focus on personal style instead. Also I know places like H&M are trying to be more sustainable but what’s so eco friendly about mass produced worldwide retail chain that wants max profit? It stinks because small, sustainable companies are expensive, which definitely makes sense considering the factors of creating garments, but that’s not accessible for majority of people. Go thrift. Remember that you don’t need a cheap Forever 21 crop top to feel better. Instill a lil shame in your clothing buying habits. Don’t worry about what people are wearing on the explore page. Makes it easier to avoid exploitative industries.

jeans & a tee

I have to mention your style. It’s incredible. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve started to step out of my comfort zone and dress the way I actually want to dress as opposed to how others think I should dress. But, I know for some, it can be tough at times get to that place. What’s your approach to fashion, and more specifically, your personal style? Have there ever been points in time where you’ve felt a difficulty in finding and cultivating your own personal style?

Ah thank you!

I know caring too much about judgement of others is common issue, but at the end of the day it’s your physical form, so dress however the heck you want. But yes, I’ve had periods when I get bored with what I have hanging in my closet so I just switch out some garments. In high school and college I actively tried to find specific pieces and looked at lotsa digital content, where as now I have my basics and if I happen to stumble across something when I’m buying for the shop I’ll keep it, but if not that’s cool too. Don’t get me wrong I love getting dressed, it’s a real highlight of my day, I just know what I like by now, so no need to search so much.

QUICK: you’re headed out and only have 5 minutes to get dressed! What are you wearing?

An oversized hoodie or tee + high waisted pants + white (non-chunky) sneakers.

What’s the best advice you’ve ever received?

Not sure if there’s a concise statement.

Something from my parents along the lines of not working all the time to like…have lots of material goods…or caring about status. Simple is okay.

jeans & a tee

What’s one song you know all the words to and could belt out at a moments notice?

Dejame Vivir by Rocío Dúrcal and Juan Gabriel…I sing both parts.

If there were 5 pieces you’d recommend to a friend to have in their closet—both practical and impractical—what would they be?

Ooo good question! Definitely a good pair of sneakers, statement earrings, funny t-shirt, coat with a nice silhouette, and cartoon print socks.

jeans & a tee

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To Love

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jeans & a tee

Don’t shop at the mall.

jeans & a tee

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