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Cool Girl


Caitlin Rance

Besides answering these questions, what are you up to at the moment?

Listening to a collection of Billie Holiday love songs and drinking a cup of coffee in bed!

You’re based in New York! What brought you there, and what keeps you there?

I moved to New York to go to college at The Fashion Institute of Technology. I graduated this past May and am working as the wholesale buyer at The Break. I really don’t think I could function in another city at the moment, New York is my home. 

If you can, describe what a typical day in your life looks like.

A typical day for me is sleeping in way past whatever time my alarm was set for, getting up and making a pot of coffee and scrolling through the depths of the internet for some inspiration to start my day. If I’m working that day I will walk to work and spend the day in the office with my wonderful co-workers. If I’m off that day, I will go to the park and read a book or convince some friends to do happy hour with me. I try to end most of my days with a glass of red wine and a cheese plate! 

As a wholesale buyer at The Break, do you have a stance on the whole fast-fashion vs vintage debate?

I definitely try my best to avoid fast-fashion but I understand that not everyone has the luxury to be able to do that and that’s ok!! I think everyone is trying their best and thats all that matters!

For anyone who is thinking about moving to New York, what’s some advice you’d give to them?

Avoid open toe shoes!

Many people have varying opinions when it comes towards social media. While some view it as purely a highlight reel for one’s life, others see it as a direct correlation to mental illness and overall, a disruption to mental health. When it comes to your own personal relationship with social media, what are your thoughts towards that conversation, and do you ever feel like you should share more or less of your personal life (the good and the bad?)

I think social media is a huge component in changing the way we talk about and view mental illness. I understand that it can be detrimental in some ways. Personally, social media is something I use to normalize my mental illness, and even make light of it. My hope is that being open with my day-today struggles with my mental illness will comfort those who also suffer.  

Who are you listening to at the moment?

Melissa Broder’s podcast “Eating Alone In My Car” she also wrote “So Sad Today” and “The Pisces” which are very necessary reads! I also just watched the Amy Winehouse documentary, so I haven’t been able to stop listening to Frank and Back to Black

You have impeccable style. How would you say it’s evolved over time?

Thank you! My style is always evolving and thank God for that because there have been some travesties over time. I think as I get older, I can narrow in on what feels more naturally me and feel more confident in myself. 

What are the top 5 pieces in your closet you can’t stop wearing?

  1. Plain white tank

  2. My vintage Levi’s 

  3. ByFar shoes

  4. Orseund Iris Cha Cha Top

  5. Vintage checkered skirt with side slit that I found at a Reformation sample sale

Who would you say is an icon in your eyes?

Solange, wow she is the definition of icon, what a woman. Also, Jenny Slate, the Jewess I aspire to be. 

If you could switch lives with anyone in the world for a day, who would it be?


How do you feel about the term, ‘Cool Girl?’

I feel like whatever it is, I am not it, but very happy to be answering these q’s:)! 

When do you feel most you?

When I’m with my best friends and family.

jeans & a tee

Coffee or Tea? Coffee

Call or Text? Call

Book or Film? This really depends!

By Plane or by Car? Car

Glossy or Matte? Glossy

Black + White or Color? Color

Night in or Night Out? Out!

Hot or Cold? Cold

To Love or Be Loved? To love

jeans & a tee

And lastly, If there’s one thing you would tell your 16 year-old self, what would it be?

Go to therapy already

jeans & a tee

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