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Cool Girl


Caitlin Rance

This Week I'm Bringing You Something Completely Different From Our Normally Scheduled Program: Cool Publication Of The Week. As We Fall Deeper And Deeper Into A Social Media Dark Hole, It's Gets Harder To Define What Fashion Is, Who We Are, Where Were Going, And Why. What Was Once Familiar Slowly Has Become Old News, And If You're Not Willing To Evolve Then You'll Be Left Behind. 

I've Had The Pleasure Of Interviewing the Anonymous Creator Of An Up And Coming Fashion Publication: Imonation. In Our Interview We Spoke A Lot About Fashion, Where It's Going, And Even Dabbled In A Bit Of Jenner-Hadid Talk. I've thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the anonymous creator and hope you enjoy our conversation:


For those who aren’t familiar with Imonation, how would you explain it and how it came to be?


Imonation is a website that is based on the notion of becoming an online fashion bible. It delves into the many sides of fashion from reports on fashion week, to interviews with models and up-and-coming designers to issues such as racial diversity. It came to be through the lack of a website like this. I wanted to have reports on the different fashion weeks with a glossary of designers and their history, as well as models all in the same place, as well as being able to click on a button to go and read an article on diversity or fast fashion immediately after. I got tired of having twelve tabs open.


Was it a conscious decision to be anonymous or did it accidentally happen?

It was a fundamental move when creating imonation. Everyone these days aims to get famous, even if it’s just for 5 minutes. I am personally not interested in that, and would rather my work and opinion be well- respected by audiences across the world in this specific field.

 Where do you see the fashion industry heading in the next five years?

It is such a fast paced industry with designers stepping down and moving elsewhere monthly, and new structures to fashion week being born I could not possibly say. I just hope that new designers get more light shined upon them and for this social media era to die down.

  A lot about fashion is finding the next it thing, what would you say is that next it?

Without trying to sound like Kanye, I truly believe in what I have created and so therefore imonation.

 What do you think the key is to finding your own personal style?

Experimenting. I went through some phases that I am not proud of, but you slowly figure out what is “you”. Once you have found what is “you” never let it go but have some fun with it and push it to the limits.

  NYFW has just finished up, who would you say are your top 3 designers this season?

Rodarte, Proenza Schouler and Brock. (But I can’t not mention Jonathan Saunders’ first collection for DVF; which if you have not yet seen will probably blow you away.)

 Do you still read popular fashion publications like Elle, Vogue & Harpers Bazaar?

I have a subscription to British Vogue, but I occasionally read i-D and LOVE Magazine.

 There’s been a lot of talk (negative & positive) about brands and publications using the Jenner’s and Hadid’s as the faces of their companies. Along with that, many people point out that there are more models than just the Jenner’s and Hadid’s. What are your thoughts on them and that inclusivity within the high fashion world? And would you say maybe these “leaders” in the fashion world have actually lost touch with what fashion used to be?

It annoys me insanely that publications and brands are so fixated with these specific models when they know that there is a very long list of girls who are more unique, got more talent or fit their brief/ vision better. It’s hard to know that there are models working everyday to get one step closer to their goal and are putting themselves into everything thrown at them, while there are a selective few that can happily walk two shows during fashion week and still be branded “supermodels” without lifting a finger sleeping in the apartment they have been paid to promote. I think at this point more than anything that it is just getting boring and too repetitive, I'm over it.

 What’s the best advice you’ve ever received? And have you actually utilized it?

The best piece of advice was probably to stay true to myself and my aspirations for imonation. I refuse to put out content that I do not believe in or have written half heartedly. To stay unique and to give my readers articles that are actually interesting and informative I will take time and effort. I will not settle for being average. 

Were you always interested in fashion? What do you think first attracted you to it?

My mother, still to this day is the most immaculately dressed person I know, and so growing up with such an awe-inspiring woman made me fall in love with fashion. Her clothing defines who she is and I slowly became engulfed by fashion’s power through her and the magazines that she read.  

Living in age of technology, do you think the idea of a physical magazine is dead?

This thought always saddens me as I think that magazines are at the core basis of the fashion industry. However, most publications are failing to incorporate the true essence of what fashion truly means. It is an art form and not a way to receive more likes by placing it on a social media star with no essence to her.

How important do you think models are now vs 10-20 years ago?

I think that they are equally as important in some cases, but twenty years ago to be a model was something special and rare; there was no social media for designers to fall back on, nor could models rely on followers for a casting. Nowadays anyone can be a model, so to strive for greatness in this industry is harder than ever before. The “top” models are not just models, but role models and brand ambassadors. The rise of social media has put models at the forefront to any brand as people begin to recognise the model as well as the clothing they are wearing in the campaigns due to the constant bombardment of pictures and billboards. 

 With that being said, who do you think (model wise) are the ones to watch out for?

There are so many models that I am rooting for, but in particular McKenna Hellam, Lameka Fox, Roos Abels, Selena Forrest, Naomi Kaji and Luna Bijl.

Top 5 pieces every woman should have in her closet?

A proper leather jacket, a pair of loafers, a little black dress, a visually offence patterned shirt and a turtleneck jumper.

Do you believe in rules when it comes to fashion?

I don’t personally think there are any rules, but if there are just break them.

What would you say makes a high fashion model? Do you think it’s changed from what it was ten years ago to now?

Yes, I think the concept of a “top model” has changed. From forming close bonds and becoming loyal muses to designers during the 90s has changed into forming close bonds with models rather than designers and thinking outside the fashion spectrum; e.g. Karlie’s Kookies and Koding with Karlie.

What advice would you give to someone who’s trying to pave a way into the fashion industry?

Work hard, listen to advice and stay true to your yourself.


Vintage or Runway? Runway

Film or Digital? Argh! Both?

Heels or Flats? Flats

Coffee or Tea? Tea

On Land or On Water? On land

By Plane or By Car? Plane

Eyes or Lips? Eyes

Book or Movie? Book

Denim or Leather? Always leather

Call or Text? Call

What’s up next for Imonation?

You will have to stick around to find out.

Check out their publication here: Imonation


Instagram: @imonation


Interview by Caitlin Rance

Photography provided by IMONATION + Online Media