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Cool Girl


Caitlin Rance

So you have a blog called The Messy Heads, and you just came out with your first curated physical copy of it. CONGRATS! When you started the blog, did you always have a vision of the content you wanted to create, as well as the message you wanted to send to your readers?

 Thank you! Yeah I think I always had a vision and that was just not based on appearances. I feel like so many magazines aimed at young girls focus on outer beauty but rarely ever expand on inner beauty, so that was what I wanted to focus on. I didn’t have a definite plan, I still don’t, I’m learning as I go. I want my readers to be inspired and see their potential as not only a body (outer appearance) but as mind and soul. 

What do you think feeds your soul?

The people I am around. I get such a kick out of spending time with connected, intelligent people. My friends and I have 2-am-what-is-life conversations over morning coffee and at the grocery store. There is beauty in being vulnerable and open in that way all the time. In engaging in those talks and relationships I feel more myself and learn more about who I really am. When I am around people who are all about surface level bullshit I feel so disconnected from my own thoughts. Friendships and people in your life are fucking important!!!

What was the process like finding contributors for the blog?

 A lot of the contributors for the magazine are people that I reached out to because I saw them doing something cool or looking at life in a way that I wanted to know more about. A few of my very close friends made the pages as well, they inspire me tons. My roommate Haley & other friend Izzy helped me so much with this publication I can’t even explain. Very grateful for them! Not only did they create stellar content for it but they pushed me when I doubted myself and thought this whole idea was a flop. 

In the future I want to find a better way to include more readers as contributors. My email get so bogged up that I end up not reading a lot of them. I want to streamline the submission process because I know so many members of my audience have beautiful minds and want to get their voice out there and I want to be here to support that!

 I came across your YouTube channel and watched your video on how you decided to drop out of college and move to California. So many people struggle with the choice of going to college or not. What would you say are your thoughts on it?

 I was a bit conflicted about that video- I don’t really think I got my thoughts across the way I wanted to. Some of the comments were like “ yeah fuck college!” sort of thing and that’s not what I wanted the reaction to be at all. I believe so much in education, I’m always reading, researching, watching documentaries on my own time. College felt very contrived to me especially at the school I was at. I entered in as a design major and because UW feeds into the tech community in Seattle, a lot of the projects were very centered around looking clean and streamlined and modern which is really not my aesthetic so I was making bad grades because my projects were too busy and colorful and thought I was really bad at design and switched majors about five more times. I didn’t really feel empowered or like I was truly being mentally stimulated. The college mindset is very “fuck it lets party” in a sense haha. I was just not finding my people or my place and felt like I was wasting so much money and not getting much from it.

It wasn’t the time for me to go, but that doesn’t mean my education is over. Even now I am in three online courses just for fun & I plan on going back to finish my degree probably next year, but maybe at a smaller school or an online one. I can see myself getting a few degrees in my lifetime, especially if Bernie is elected and makes education free, lol.

My advice to people struggling with college is to evaluate your priorities. Ask yourself what you want from a university education. Is it knowledge? Is it social interaction? Is it a degree to make your parents happy? Is it because everybody else is doing it? I really think kids should take a year off between high school & college to figure out what they want to do- i mean you are coming off of 12 years of being fed information with very little time to discover yourself. Right now I am taking this time for me and will go back to school on my own terms. 

Do you think right now you’re pursing your dream? And if you’re not, what’s the one thing you hope to do?

 I can honestly say yes. I have wanted to make a magazine since I was about six years old. I used to make little newspapers for my second grade class with interviews and events happening haha and would pass them all around each week. This is what I love doing- combining words with art and photography and graphic design. It’s all of the things I love wrapped up into one.  

What would you say in your opinion, more young people should be paying attention to in our world? (this can be anything, like mental health, body positivity, global warming, politics, etc.)

I really think young people need to open their eyes to systematic oppression. I took a class on human/animal conflicts of interest- basically where do we value our personal needs over nature (spoiler alert its pretty much all the fuckin time) but you come to realize that oppressive devices humans use against animals/nature are the same ones used against african american men, women, women of color, native americans, the lgbtq community, impoverished people, the environment. They seem like they are all separate issues but in reality they are all being oppressed in a certain way. Objectification, dehumanization, portrayal in the media- opening your eyes to the system in general helps you recognize that groups are being deliberately cut down and have their voices taken from them. It’s a lot to take on but it makes you so much more aware of your privilege and power in the world and really truly makes you an empathetic person, which the youth really need to achieve if we want to ensue a social revolution- a bit hard to explain over a simple answer like this haha. Reading Ecofeminist literature is the best way to go- I recommend Greta Gaard, Carol Adams, and Karen Warren, they are all at the forefront of this interconnected movement and I owe these women so much!

Who are you listening to musically right now?

I’ve been in Australia staying with my friend Cartia and she has shown me a bunch of new music! Ocean Alley captures the vibe of Byron Bay for sure. One of our friends is in this band Sons of the East which is also really really good. Other than that my constant favorites are Velvet Underground, John Lennon, & Jimi Hendrix.

What are 5 pieces that are must haves in your closet?

 My overalls, a pulp fiction tee that is actually Haley’s but I wear it all the time, flare jeans, my rings from Poland, and something that’s fun to go out dancing in- for me that’s anything with big sleeves and fringe. 

Quick you’re starving and you need to make a quick snack. What is it?

Bananas! I will sit there and eat five or six spreading peanut butter on them and then rolling that in granola. YUM. 

Best advice you’ve ever received?

You will never be perfect so don’t even try. It sounds harsh on the surface but what I get from it is don’t be so hard on yourself, perfection is boring anyway. Once you really let go of the fact that you will never be as pretty or skinny or smart or funny or talented as you want to be, you accept yourself in all forms and can just focus on living and loving. People who chase perfection are always going to be unsatisfied. 


Heels or Flats? Chunky one inch heel

Leather or Denim? Fuck leather!! Denim all da way

States or Abroad? Abroad

On Water or On Land? Under a wave

Movie or Book? Book

Vintage or Runway? Vintage, but check out Ashish Gupta’s runway shows he is seriously the future

Film or Digital? FILM

Coffee or Tea? Coffee- I’m really addicted

By Plane or by Car? Plane, window seat

Hot or Cold? Hot

New York or California? California

Eyes or Lips? Lips


Where do you see yourself, & The Messy Heads in 10 years?

Shit, I can’t really see beyond next week. 

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Interview by Caitlin Rance

Photography provided by Emma's Instagram