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Cool Girl


Caitlin Rance

YES! We're back again with another Cool Girl of the Week! These always get me so excited because every week I get to share with you women who are kicking ass being their cool selves and not giving a fuck about what anyone has to say about it. This week I bring you Elora Norman, who is literally one of the coolest chicks I think I've had the pleasure of interviewing. I hope you'll get a kick out of reading this as much as I did. So without further ado...

I know you love the 1975 (I’m obsessed as well) when did you first discover them, and whats your favorite song by them?

-I was truly unprepared for the 1975 when they came into my life and it would have been impossible to forsee at the time how much of an impact they were about to have on me. I think I heard “The City” on Tumblr actually (haha) and It kind of absorbed me. I never looked back. Picking a favourite still feels close to impossible but if I really had to I’d say Robbers because I am all about the romanticism and drama of the whole thing, at the time it just resonated with me so much.

 You have a lot of tattoos, how do you feel about the idea that tattoos need to have a meaning?

-To me tattoos are a visualization of a feeling specific to a time. They are a permanent mark but I feel that there’s too much pressure on them to be something more than what they literally are! It’s such a modern culture to have one or plenty and personally I think that no one else has a right to expect or demand anything from anyone else's tattoo. It’s their property just like their hair or their skin or their political stance and its there for them more than anything.

 What would you say is the hardest struggle girls face right now in our world?

-ugH! This is a big question! I’m not educated enough to do this justice either so don’t judge me too harshly on this one haha. I think as girls or women I guess its pretty clear theres huge inequality in terms of gender. Even in small things like….Female products being marketed for a higher price than males. And it kinda goes from minor stuff like that to major stuff where we get paid less in jobs and treated like lesser human beings than men. It’s especially bad when it causes us to feel unsafe in our day to day lives. Big big topic and there are lots of issues here. Too much to mention right now.

 How do you feel about college/uni? Do you think everyone should go?

- I’ve been thinking a lot about this recently specifically in terms of the pressure that’s put on these young fresh out of high school kids, who have just suffered 13 years of hell and rules and learning and cliques and detentions and roll calls and everything to then, somehow now what they want to study almost immediately and shell out big $$$ to do it. Is that realistic? Honestly? Not in my opinion. Like if you know what you like by all means fucking go to university because it’s the best thing ever learning about something that really interests you and I can say that because I am there now studying visual art and getting heaps out of it. I wasn’t even someone who knew what they were interested in!? I picked Vis Arts on a whim! And got accepted on a whim too! A spot opened up for me last minute and they took me in right before semester 1 started! Thank god my parents organized a fund for me too to help pay for it all. Theres young ones out there, flatting, working far too many hours, AND in debt! God it’s so much pressure! It can really be an amazing experience but I think it’s a lot harder than people think.

 Who are you listening to (musically) right now?

 Barely a single second of my listening time has strayed from the 1975’s latest “I Like it when you sleep, for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it” and I will confess now I'm one of those awful people who just plays the same song. Over, and over, and over…. Forever. And I never get sick of it. A few of my favourite bands are Tame Impala, Arctic Monkeys, Kings of Leon, UMO, The Rubens, Radiohead, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Alt-J, Father John Misty, and plenty more like that kinda thing so u get the idea. But yeah, lately… 1975…endlessly.

 Who would you say is an icon in your eyes?

An Icon, that’s a big word…… Can I say Matty? Because he's trail blazing a path for the underdog who's narcissistic, and intelligent and fucked up and…..a true romantic and I needed to know that was real. Such a product of the generation we are in. an honest one.

Screen Shot 2016-03-30 at 7.14.50 PM.jpg

 Favorite social media app?

It’s definitely snapchat or Instagram. You know what. Right now it’s snapchat ever since they came out with those damn filters. Im still not over them and I don’t see it happening in the foreseeable future.

 Do you have a favorite designer?

 Now in terms of kind of… stuff I can wear and afford, its Wild Fox couture. Everything they make is soft. And it’s all so dreamy and California and like everything feels like pajamas it’s incredible. I usually wear that or band merch. In terms of the big league stuff….. I adore Yves Saint Laurent because they are so timeless and theres Ashish too whos more recent. Miu Miu… Alexander Wangs recent stuff just now is wicked too. Theres something on the tip of my tounge…. Its not Vetements but…. I forget. Anyway I'm so unfashion its stupid haha.


  • Heels or Flats? As much as I love a good Platform wedge. I’ll say flat cos I'm about the comfort life.
  • Leather or Denim? Denim!!!! Denim is cruelty free my friends
  • New York or London?……..Um…..uh….London (sorry New York please forgive me)
  • On Water or On Land? Land for gods sake.
  • Coffee or Tea? Coffee 1000%
  • Movie or Book? Book!
  • Vintage or Runway? Can we not have both! I think the combination is the cool factor
  • Hot or Cold? Hot! (unless its coffee, always iced)
  • Going out or Staying in? I am a Cancerian and I am a homebody I'm happy at home always
  • Call or Text? Phone calls give me anxiety. Texts.
  • Eyes or Lips? Lips      

If you could do absolutely anything in the world and on top of that get paid for it, what would it be?

-I’m 22 and I have yet to even fathom what my dream job would be. Ideally it would involve travelling to fabulous destinations. Its far beyond my reach to be honest with you but if dreams could really come true I’d maybe be a musician! I am tragically unskilled in this area though. Or maybe do something with Art, I’m studying photography right now and it would be pretty wild to make an impact in the art scene as scary as that would be it’s kinda the area that stimulates me the most mentally.

How would you describe your style?

……Bedtime? Favorite creative outlet?

I am by no means a painter but holy crap theres something freeing about putting on loud music (the 1975 for example) blocking out the rest of your life and having a chilled (large) glass of sav by your side so you can paint your heart out. I go buy cheap canvases or cardboard and the WORST quality acrylic paints I can get and just squirt them everywhere. Brush em around good. Put ur hands in there if you want to. I can’t make real pictures that look like really things but I can do squiggles and it feels really good anyway!

You’re from New Zealand. What would you say are the 3 best parts about living there, and maybe the 3 downsides?

Ok this is a good one!

  • One great aspect of living here is the easy peasy access to beaches! We have a beach culture and as a kiwi you’re never more than 1 hours drive away from the edge of the ocean.   
  • I also think that we all take for granted how clean, safe, and stable we have it here in NZ. We don’t have any wild poisinous insects or snakes, we don’t have that many natural disasters, nowhere near as many serious crimes as some bigger countries. Pretty good healthcare. Were all pretty relaxed and everyones down to have a good time. Nothings perfect but I’ve been a few places and it made me appreciate how chill it is down here.  
  • We make a great cup of coffee without which I would have died many moons ago.

Now for the 3 downsides

  • This one's easy, the fact that we are a zillion miles away from any other country apart from Australia really rattles me. It’s not like Europe or America or Asia where the next best city is a hop skip and jump away. If I want to go anywhere worth while it’s like big cash to get on a plane and fly for 10 hours. We are a little isolated
  • There are no cute guys here. Where are they? Nowhere
  • we have a soap opera that plays daily called shortland street and it makes me embarassed to call myself a kiwi. It’s very bad please don’t go looking for it. 

From your Instagram one of my favorite aspects is the food you post! What do you think is the best thing you’ve ever eaten?

 Oh god this is a ridiculous question. You’re right to ask this because I do go out of my way to find the finest culinary delights. But ya girl eats good and to narrow this down….thats a tough one. Recently I had a hectic Vegan burger from a food truck like not standard good, beyond that… really good. And I also have a deep love for fried pickles. If coffee counts  definitely cold drip coffee. Best ever. Theres this Italian restaurant here in Auckland that does really good polenta chips haha. And how good is naan bread, I had the best curry recently. And actually. Up there is pierogi. And dumplings. Its hard to be specific. Ugh. I love frozen yogurt too, plain tho. And almond croissants. And peanut butter? Im going to stop there because I love food to much and ill list everything if I don’t.

What are 5 pieces you think everyone should have in her closet?

  •       something stripey
  •    converse chuck taylors
  •         baggy hoodie
  •       pajamas (that match)
  •      pink things

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

Hopefully not dealing with the same stupid shit I'm dealing with right now. And I’ll be bilingual with at least one dog. Not sure where location wise. Here. Australia. The UK. Doesn’t matter as long as I'm happy and healthy.

 Best place you’ve ever traveled to? & a place you’re dreaming to go to?

The longer I think about this the harder it is to answer but the first place that popped into my head was Paris. Although I struggled to full enjoy it due to the language barrier which makes me want to change my answer to New York. Such a happenin place, cant get enough. But there was London…. Which was just…beautiful. Probably Paris still. Theres really something about it. Right now I’m dreaming to go to Manchester because my sister is there. She’s there without me and all I want is to see her and see manchester. On another note….. I will not die happy if I don’t get to experience Machu Picchu. I don’t know why I need to go there but I do. I need to see Peru.

Who is someone (actor, musician, designer, artist, etc) that you think is underrated? 

Struggling to answer this one. Ask me in my next life. Rain Check.

How do you feel about the term “cool girl?”

I find no issue with it whatsoever. To me someone who's cool is someone who's being themselves. Cool is something everyone can do, it just means you’re doing you so well that other people notice because ya that unique doing you’re thing that its just damn awesome and hard to ignore. Girl? I don’t need to explain. Cool + girl is the jackpot. Girls rule if they let themselves.



and lastly, your fashion secret?

My fashion secret is to wear things that you LOVE and that make you feel cool and beautiful no matter HOW you look or what you’re wearin if you are feeling it don’t let anything stop you, its not about what you're wearing its always about how it makes you feel that is read by people the most. Let yourself feel great no matter what that means.

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Interview by Caitlin Rance

Photography provided by Elora's Instagram