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Cool Girl


Caitlin Rance

So in your about me, we get the general stuff everyone tends to put in a bio, (your name which is Sarah, your age: 20, and where you’re from) but there was something interesting thats so casually slid in. You were born in Paris and now live in California. Tell us a little bit more!

So my mom left France to go to LA because that’s what all her friends were doing at the time, and she wanted to travel/experience/etc… In LA, she met my dad (who was like studying to be a lawyer, but was also her english teacher) and they started dating, it was on and off but then by surprise they had me!! So they were like, “Ok, what are we going to do?” My mom didn’t have a full Visa at the time, and didn’t have US health insurance/the means to have her baby delivered in an American hospital, so they decided to fly back to France and deliver me! But, a few days/weeks later, my dad had to fly back to LA because of work (I think by the time I was born he started to practice Law), so my mom and I hung out in Paris for a little until I was old enough to fly back to LA. Took my first flight at 2 months old and it’s been back and forth between LA and Paris ever since! 

How long did you live there? 

I’ve never actually fully lived in France, the most time I’ve spent was probably 3 or 4 months. Since my birth, I’ve spent every summer in France to visit friends and family. It’s a tradition, I don’t think we’ve ever skipped a summer. I’m truly so grateful for that opportunity, it has really shaped me as a person! 

Do you speak French? 

Yes I speak it fluently, it’s my maternal language! I always tell people that I actually only speak one language which is Frenglish, cause I’m always mix&matching words in sentences. I feel like I only know some words in English, and some words in French, so sometimes I’ll just fill in the blanks with made up Frenglish words. 

Do you like France or California better? 

I think France and California are two totally different things that it just doesn’t make sense to compare them! Apples and oranges basically. Especially like culturally, there are things that we do in LA that I probably would never do in France. It’s kind of weird though. I read an article that said that people who speak two different languages or are part of two different cultures kind of have two different personalities. I’m one person when I speak French, and I’m another when I’m in LA speaking English. It’s like this whole cognitive spectrum in your brain, and you adapt based off of the environment that you’re in. 

Are you in college?  What are you studying, and how do you view the idea of going to college vs not going? 

I’m in my 3rd year of university right now, only two more semesters to go. I’m double majoring in Communications and French. I think college is definitely a great experience, but only if you’re actually determined to do it. I think getting an education and learning as much as you can is so so so important. But I totally get that school and following a curriculum is not for everyone. As long as you’re doing something that helps you grow as a person then it’s okay to not want to go to college. 

What would you say is the hardest struggle girls face right now in our world?

I think one thing that’s really hard is trying to grow and be “you” in a society that’s always belittling you or dictating what you can/can’t do. And being judged for doing things that don’t follow social norms. It’s really hard to grow when you’re confined to such a small place, such little room to grow, to experience etc. I mean I’m lucky enough to be able to go to college, and even with that limited sense of freedom I still feel restricted. I still feel like I have to apologize or make excuses when I say, "No." I still feel like I have to be passive and soft and nice and sweet. There’s this really weird idea that’s been going around for ages that like strong women will never find a partner because they’re too intimidating, and that just frustrates me so much! If a man is strong/powerful/successful he’s praised and admired and desired, but if a woman has those same attributes she’s a bitch or crazy. It’s very hard and discouraging to try to grow out of that stigma, but I feel like overtime we will all manage to over time. 

If you could do absolutely anything in the world and on top of that get paid for it, what would it be? 

Be a personal shopper/stylist for people. I love love love love styling people and telling them what to buy and how to wear it etc. I know it’s already a job but as of right now I’m doing it for free so getting paid for it would be awesome. I also would love to listen to music and get paid to do it. Or eat. Eating and getting paid sounds like a good time. 

(that does sound amazing)

What are some (fashion) brands/stores you would recommend to a friend? 

I always have like two sections, the “If I had money” section and the “I’m a broke college girl” section. 

If I had money: Opening Ceremony, Man Repellers shopping list!!! so good!!! Every few days they post all their faves and I want everything overtime, Luisaviaroma, ALLSAINTSSaint Laurent, Acne,  Proenza Schouler, Public School, I could literally go on for days about all the expensive shit I wanna buy.. BUT I’m a poor af college girl who shops at Asos and Missguided.. and Reformation whenever I can.

What would you say is the most important thing young people should be paying attention to more?

Definitely pay attention to politics and social issues. I mean in 2015 we literally made people realize shit through social media/hashtags/etc… so just really stay woke! 


Top ten beauty products that are vital in your daily life?

Origins checks and balances cleanser, witch hazel, La Roche Posay pigmentclar spf 30, Hyseac Uriage k18, Anastasia Beverly Hills dip brow pomade, Glossier coconut balm dot com, any foundation/tinted moisturizer from Nars, Guerlain terracotta bronzer, YSL babydoll mascara, Rosehip seed oil… I don’t use these all at the same time but i do use them on the daily. I’m also a huge fan of making your own beauty products, but some secrets I’m gonna keep to myself ;) 

How do you feel about the term “cool girl?”

I love it. It’s such a broad/ambiguous term. Anyone can be a “cool girl." To me, being cool is like being effortlessly chic and relaxed about everything you’re doing, but also really extremely effortlessly sexy. I strive to look so effortlessly sexy like Monica Bellucci. But in other ways/ to someone else, “cool girl” could be entirely different. And I appreciate that too. It’s good to know that even though we’re not all doing the same thing, we’re all still considered a "cool girl." 

Who is your dream man?

Tom Hardy. Idris Elba. I like old guys (even Harrison Ford tbh, but like 70s/80s). I also have a huge thing for like guys like Odell Beckham Jr. or Mychal Kendricks, major athletes. But also wouldn’t mind if like Zayn fell in love with me. Also any professional surfer. Yo I have the craziest thing for surfers. I think it’s the California girl in me? They’re so like athletic and calm and chill and godlike. 10/10. 

Favorite creative outlet?

I come up with new ideas literally everyday and store them in this little red journal, and it’s literally pages and pages full of unfinished/brainstormed ideas. I low-key hate myself for it though, I never fully complete anything!!

Who would you say is an icon in your eyes?

Definitely Solange. I kind of feel like she’s one of the very few who’s tackling every part of the industry, but is also so low-key. Like her style is killer, and to have so many side projects and main projects like DJing and doing collaborations with all these brands. I definitely want to be like her when I “grow up”. But I also really look up to the effortlessly cool French girls like, Jeanne Damas, Julia Sarr-Jamois, Caroline de Maigret, etc… Everything they do, everything they wear immediately is snapshotted and placed into my “Inspo” folder. 

Favorite social media app?

Instagram, Tumblr, and Twitter. The first two are apps where I get most of my inspiration/my goals/ideas. Twitter is just funny. I’m hilarious so naturally I have a really good Twitter ;) 

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? 

wow 30 ew that’s so gross to think about!! But hopefully in a beautiful house in LA with an amazing job and a happy little family with a lot of babies and kittens and puppies! I’m so here for the supermoms who do everything. I hope to be like that in 10 years+ time! 

Quick! What are you listening to right now?

I'm in loveeee with Majid Jordan and the Internet. I'm impatiently waiting for Drake's Views from the 6!!! I also worship Ben Howard. And I'm also really looking forward to Matt Corby's new album!!


Heels or Flats? Heels

Leather or Denim? griaksndjaksndajksfnjanjakn denim! 

North America or Europe? Europe

On Water or On Land? On water

Movie or Book? Movie 

French or English? Frenglish

American boys/girls or French boys/girls? French boys! But also that French girl style!! 

Vintage or Runway? Runway

Hot or Cold? Hot

Vegan or Omnivore? Omnivore. If I could, I would eat a chorizo burrito everyday of the week

Eyes or Lips? Lips

& lastly, your fashion secret?

Before you buy anything, you have to think of 5 outfits you can make with it. like that it keeps your closet cohesive and you don't have to worry about spending money on something you wont ever wear! 

If you think Sarah is as cool I do, you can find her here:

Instagram: @sarah.kenya

Interview by Caitlin Rance

Photography provided by Sarah's Instagram