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My Daily Makeup Routine for College!


My Daily Makeup Routine for College!

Caitlin Rance

I love makeup. There's just something so relaxing about it. Getting to mix different colours, test out different products...I COULD GO ON FOR DAYS!!! 

Going to middle school and high school, I caked makeup on like it was my job. I think I did this because everything was still so new to me. I wanted to impress people and I wanted to impress myself. Obviously as I've gotten older I've realized what works for me, and what definitely doesn't. But of course, there's of course still lots and lots of room for exploration too! 

As I'm in college now, I realize I don't need as much makeup as I used to wear. In fact, I almost never wear makeup when I'm not in class or around people. However, because making up my face is super therapeutic for me, I like to do it before class. I mostly use Glossier products as they're not harsh on my skin and leave a completely natural look. 

While we're here let's talk a little bit about the stuff I use!

So before putting any makeup on I slap a little bit of Glossier's Priming Moisturizer on my skin. This product seems to be the only primer that doesn't break me out so I'd recommend if you're looking for a 2 in 1.

Next I put on some Clinique CC Cream. When I was younger I'd use heavy duty foundations because I had really shitty skin! It's been some time now, and my skin isn't as bad as it used to be so I try to use the lightest products I can. I used to be so obsessed about covering up blemishes but even if my cc cream doesn't get everything I don't mind. Neither should you. 

After that I like to conceal my under eye circles. In this video I use YADAH, but I'm not really picky when it comes to concealers. (Let me know which one you use!)

Then after that I like to add some color to my face with the Laura Mercier Illuminating Powder. I think it does a great job at warming up the skin and adding a little bit of sparkle.

I'll go in after that with Glossier Boy Brow. After being introduced to this product I seriously never fill in my brows with any other product. I've been on a mission to grow out my brows for almost a year and a half now and this product is my EVERYTHING. If you're looking for a more natural look with your brows, and want a product that will keep your brow hairs in place, get boy brow!

I'd definitely say I'm an eyeshadow girl. I recently purchased Cloud Paint in Dusk (sorry for the error in the video hehe) from Glossier and started using it more so as an eye shadow rather than only a cheek tint. There's something so amazing about cream products. Everything just melts into your face to create this effortless portrait of magic. I think if you're trying to go for a more natural look, creams are definitely the way to go (and I happen to have oily skin so If you're nervous about that-don't be.) 

After that I'll do a mascara. I'm not super picky with this product either. In this video I believe I used Benefit They're Real. I got this huge mascara sample kit for Christmas last year so I've been slowly going through them all. I'd recommend this one!

YAY now you can watch ☺︎