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I Popped My Glossier 🍒


I Popped My Glossier 🍒

Caitlin Rance

I finally did it, and I could not be more satisfied.

If I have to admit, my original excitement surrounded the moment I'd be able to see the ever so famous stickers Glossier sends with its packages, and place them on the back of my phone. However as soon as the package arrived, I couldn't care less about the stickers (semi-true) it was all about the products.

Glossier is a beauty company that celebrates the idea of embracing, as well as enhancing your natural beauty, with almost no fuss at all. In fact, one of their most famous lines you'll see plastered on the site, packaging, and aesthetically pleasing ads is, "skin is in."

Started by Into The Gloss creator and girl boss extraordinare: Emily Weiss, it would have almost been a crime if Glossier wasn't created by Weiss and co. Rising to instant cult fame about 2 years ago with their first release of products also known as Phase 1, the young but growing beauty company set up shop with 4 of their not-so-basic skincare products. This set included some of their (still) most famous products to date: The Milky Jelly Cleanser, Priming Moisturizer, Balm Dotcom, and Perfecting Skin Tint. As the natural based product line continues to grow, there's seriously something for everyone, regardless of skin type. 

Before we get into my purchases, I do want to mention what I personally LOVE about this company. Glossier values the importance of skincare, as well as natural beauty. While we're making slow but steady strides towards embracing our full package regardless of the flaws that may come with it, we're still a culture that focuses on the idea of perfection, even if it means using 500 products to get us there. So while many companies continue to sell their products with the opportunity to hide yourself to obtain this unrealistic version of perfection, Glossier tells you it's 100% possible to love the skin you're in, and have a fun time doing it.   


Because I already have a pretty strict skin care regime, I decided to focus my search on products I didn't necessarily have, that I wanted to add to my arsenal. With a quick survey of what everyones favorite products were from Glossier, I chose the two that were consistent within everyones recs: Boy Brow & Balm Dotcom. 

What I absolutely love about Boy Brow is the ease of application, and the natural but satisfying look it leaves behind. I've gotten really into thick eyebrows, so I've grown mine out for a couple of months. But of course, because my eyebrows aren't naturally thick, I always need some sort of filling product to obtain that thick but natural look. If you've been in this boat as well, you understand that no matter how hard you try, you can never obtain that natural look due to either an orangey tint a product leaves behind, or just the heaviness and obviousness of a product. With Boy Brow, the spoolie allows me to brush up my hairs, get product in the areas that really need it, and keep everything in place without that, "I just filled in my brows" look. 

The other product I purchased was the Balm Dotcom. I'm really into any type of lip salve because my lips are prominent, and constantly chapped. Because there's nothing more irritating as well as off putting than chapped lips, I knew there was no way I could go wrong with this product. I went for Cherry, though they offer this in coconut, rose, mint, as well as a universal one that is clear, and has no scent. What I love about this product besides the instantaneous hydration your lips receive, is the cherry tint. I'm not sure why I wasn't expecting this to have a tint, but I was pleasantly surprised when I discovered it did. This gives your lips this natural tint almost as if you ate a cherry popsicle in the Summer sun, and the cherry flavor is seriously the cherry on top.