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The GLAMGLOW Experience


The GLAMGLOW Experience

Caitlin Rance

I was beyond stoked when I opened up a present at Christmas this past year only to discover I received the GLAMGLOW Gift Super Sexy SUPERMUD set. Everyone and their mother it seems has tried this mask, so I NEEDED to check this out. This set contains smaller (but not by a lot) versions of the SUPERMUD Clearing Treatment, THIRSTYMUD Hydrating Treatment, as well as the YOUTHMUD Tinglexfoliate Treatment. While the cost of this set is still a pretty penny if you're a student, ($69 to be exact) the actual value of this set is $152!

 One thing right off the bat I'm literally OBSESSED with is the fact that I've used all of these masks at least 2-3 times a week, and I STILL have product left over. It's seriously insane because I normally finish a mask I'll use once or twice a week that is typically full size in about a little bit less than a month. This is obviously a bit frustrating because when you spend money on a skin care product, it's typically expensive, and you're not quite sure it will work for your skin so you want it to be worth it!

In the GLAMGLOW set, each mask is geared towards a slightly different problem your skin might deal with.

  • The Clearing Treatment: This mask is geared towards treating any breakout you might have. This mask was one I found myself reaching for the most out of all of three because while my skin for the most part is fairly clear right now, I know sometimes breakouts can creep up  with no warning in sight. I typically only place this mask on my problem areas, so around my mouth to my chin. By doing this, I target my problem areas before there's a surface problem. Targeting problem areas also allows me to not waste product on other areas that just don't need the mask. Anytime I possibly feel a pimple under the skin that has yet to form, or anytime I'm about to start my period, I kind of kill any of the bacteria that would eventually form breakouts. Out of all of the masks I've tried with this tactic in mind, this GLAMGLOW mask has seriously been the only one to work extremely well. 

Things to know before purchasing: This mask does have a pretty strong Eucalyptus scent. The only way I can describe this scent if you're not used to it is the smell of licorice. This mask also contains chunks of Eucalyptus leaves (which I adore.) After applying this mask you'll feel a really amazing cooling sensation on your skin. I typically leave this mask on until it's fully dried, then I maybe wait a few extra minutes until I actually wash it off. Though your skin will feel tight with the mask on, when water is applied to the mask to wash it off, it turns into a smooth liquid form again which in my opinion, I feel makes the mask removing process SO much easier!

  • The Tinglexfoliant Treatment: The next mask is geared towards brightening and buffing of the skin. If you have any fine lines or wrinkles, uneven skin, or dryness you want to exfoliate this is for you. My mom tended to steal this one from me (and still does) because of its lean toward wrinkles and fine lines. I've only just started to use this, and I'm hooked. If you've dealt with any acne before, then you might have some scarring. After my first testing out of this mask, my face was virtually brighter and my scars looked SO much more duller than they originally had been. It seriously felt like I had gotten a facial and came out with smooth baby skin. I would only use this mask about once a week as it isn't 100% necessary in my case, but I would totally recommend this to a friend. If you want brighter, smoother skin, this is the mask for YOU.

Things to know before purchasing: This mask definitely tingles when you put it on. It's not really a pleasant experience in the first 30 seconds, but I kind of love that it hurts a bit because you know it's working. If you're not sensitive to masks like that, I would totally recommend getting it. This mask also contains some pieces of Camellia Sinensis Leaf in it so don't be alarmed when putting it on! The masks scent is one I don't think anyone will have an issue with, as it has this light spa-like scent. As you wash it off you'll experience the exfoliant part to the mask.

  • The Hydrating Treatment: This next mask is geared towards skin that is in desperate need of hydration. I really only used this mask when my skin felt like it was drying out from skincare products I used before bed and in the morning. Because my skin is oily, dry skin comes to me once in a blue moon. If you have dry skin, I could see this mask working for you as it gives your skin this nice layer of supple moisture. It's weird because this mask soaks into your skin so quickly that you almost forget it's on your face. If you're not a huge lover of the feeling of masks or the process of getting masks off, this could definitely be your guy! I'd typically leave this mask on until it didn't really feel wet anymore. The feeling of my skin after the mask can only be described as supple. Sometimes your skin needs a drink your typical moisturizer can't quench!

Things to know before purchasing: When you first apply this mask, it will seem like there isn't enough product on your face because it doesn't really show up or look as bold on your face (but trust me, it's on there!) Another thing to know is that you can actually sleep with this mask on as it really settles into your skin. Of course it's not recommend you use this mask every night however so remember it's not the best idea to use this as a nightly moisturizer! You can also remove this mask with a tissue by simply wiping it off or washing off with water! Lastly, the smell is actually very faint and can only be compared in my opinion to a slight shea butter smell.