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5 Ways To Style Short Hair Feat. Haley Dennis


5 Ways To Style Short Hair Feat. Haley Dennis

Caitlin Rance


Voltaire, hair. I would personally like to learn about Voltaire.”

If you don’t remember this iconic movie quote, may I remind you to go watch Princess Diaries. In this scene, Mia get’s a hair revamp and it becomes THE talking point of class. Her best friend Lilly comes to her defense, pushing the class to get over Mia’s makeover and to get on with the class lesson. 

For a majority of my life I had long locks…like I’m talking Rapunzel. Most of the time down to about my belly button. I always thought that long hair was the most beautiful and feminine—also making a good pair with my height. Long hair, tall girl…it seemed like it was “signature.” Towards the end of high school I was searching for a change and started taking inches off over a handful of months. Once I hit college I grew into my confidence in different ways. Allowing me to find excitement in change and cutting my hair shorter and shorter as I was getting older was feeling right. In the last couple of years I’ve found that with my hair ending a little below my ears, cut straight across, I now label this as my new signature. I was inspired by pictures I’d seen of people who I thought were beautiful with locks very short. Once I started, it was addicting! I continue to fall in love with this cut that I currently have. I love it because it makes me feel confident and allows me to experiment with fun hair accessories, enabling me to discover new ways of creativity while diminishing standards of beauty.

Who know…maybe in a few years I’ll have a new “signature cut?”

Watch Haley's video below and give it some love! Let us know if you cut your hair short and why!