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My Journey To PINK

Caitlin Rance

You know those things you just always dream about doing? The what if's that keep you up at night? Dying my hair pink was one of them. I always imagined what it would look like, would I look weird, would people look at me funny? 

About a month ago I made a bucket list where I put "Dye my hair pink" on it. I knew I wanted my hair pink in time for festival season and I accomplished that goal. If you've considered dying your hair a fun color then now is your time. Summer is the perfect time to do this because you're basically 100% allowed to do anything you want (seriously I think it's like in the Bill of Rights or something.) 

So are you still interested? Well keep reading! 

I dyed my hair all on my own (well not entirely true my mom helped as well!) but you get what I mean! Of course it's possible to go into a professional to get it done, but after my experience, I would say for 60$ you can get the same look as a professional. 

Pictured below are products I used in my process! The pieces not seen below however were the bleach kit I used, the brushes and mixing tool I used to help mix the bleach solution as well as my color solution, and the original pink coloring I used. No need to stress however, any bleach kit will work, mixing tools/brushes will come along with your bleach kit, and the first pink coloring I used was by ion, and named Flamingo.

Here was my process:

1. Took a trip to my local Sally's Beauty Supply Store. If you don't have one of these then go to your local beauty supply store. 

2. Picked up a bleach kit. Any should work, just make sure it has a brush to paint the bleach on your hair, a mixing spoon, the powder, as well as the developer. Don't forget to pick up a mixing bowl as well if your kit doesn't include one

3. Picked the color I wanted my hair to be which was flamingo by ion (for my second process I used Splat Colorizer in Pushy Pink)

4. Picked up some hair masks for after the bleaching process to repair my hair by ion

5. Picked up some before color treatment to prepare my hair, as well as after color treatment to seal the job by ion

6. Color shampoo and Conditioner by ion

7. Got home and laid out an old towel, threw on an old t-shirt, and put on some gloves

8. Next I followed the bleach kit instructions and mixed developer and powder together to create my bleach mix.

9. Painted the bleach on to the parts of my hair I wanted to be lighter (btw, they'll tell you to do a strand test, if you're a bit nervous then try that)

10. Waited about an hour until I was satisfied with the color

11. Took a shower and applied a lot of conditioner 

12. Put a hair mask on for about 15 minutes (they typically tell you to keep it on for 3 to 4 minutes...I clearly didn't listen)

13. Washed out the hair mask

14. Blowdried my hair (you will always need dry hair when applying coloring or bleach)

14. Mixed the pink into a cleaned out mixing bowl. If you want a super pastel look, I suggest adding conditioner to your mix to dilute the color. 

15. Painted the coloring onto my hair and waited about 40 minutes.

16. Showered

17. Blowdried my hair

18. Voila



P.S. Remember when people said blondes have more fun? Well I can firmly say people are wrong. Pinks have 10x's more fun.