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Caitlin Rance

I’m the type of person who sees an eyeshadow palette and has already picked out 6 colors I’d like to sport on my lids. I’m also the type of person who doesn’t necessarily get the shadow in just one place (it’ll end up everywhere) However, who said that it wasn’t a look? 

Although I know deep in my heart I didn’t come up with this, I like to call this shadow technique getting baked, in which you mix a bunch of shadows, typically in the same color genre, to get the end result of a nicely baked eyelid. This technique is messy but also produces an amazing look, so why not have fun and experiment?

My favorite palette right now to work with is the Lorac Pro Palette, because it offers the perfect shimmer shadows to work with, as well as comes with an eye primer to let your baked look last. 

  • I normally will start off with a matte shadow as my base, and have typically been going with Mauve or Taupe. After I’ll go in with Sable in my crease to define it more. 
  • Once I have a good carved out base, depending on my mood, I’ll either go in with Gold or LT Bronze just in the middle of my lid. I’ll also blend in the shimmer shadow in my crease as well as bring it down under my lower lash line.
  • After I’ve done that, I’ll slightly blend the shimmer along my lid (key-word slightly.)
  • Once I’m satisfied, I’ll go in with Nude or Champagne by my tear duct area, then finish off with many layers of mascara (Upper & Lower lash line)