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Caitlin Rance

So lets get one thing straight, I LOVE MAKEUP! You can almost 99.9% of the time catch me watching makeup tutorials and I’m not afraid to admit it. 

Although people have been practicing different makeup techniques for a while now, trends like contouring, strobing, filling in your brows and lips, as well as mixing shadows to achieve this insane baked look have become insanely popular in the last year or so. 

If you’re like me, then you’re probably already aware of this, and are still in shock looking at all the masterpieces, (aka faces) you see everyday who practice these techniques.

I’ll also admit that I haven’t reached the level of beauty queen yet, but there are some products that help me get close enough and are fairly affordable as well!

The first product I want to highlight is this Maybelline lipstick. I've always loved lipsticks, but I've never really had the courage to sport them. However along with this huge surge in beauty, has been the surge of the nude lipsticks, which are extremely wearable while also adding color.

I've gotten over my fear of wearing lipsticks, (except reds) and am the proud owner of a handful of nudes ( don't get it twisted), and continue to keep my eyes peeled for the next best one.

This lipstick is definitely a darker nude, with a bit more red and pink tones, however it adds the perfect amount of color in my opinion.

Another thing I've also realized is that being a young student, I sometimes feel like a bit of a mess. Before I leave to go to class however, I always remind myself to add some lipstick. Not only does this add some color to my face, but it also makes me feel more put together. 

My next product is the Pixi Brow Duo. I've used this product for years now and in all honesty, I kind of prefer it more to the Anastasia Brow Wiz ( I know, shocker.) This product from my understanding is only sold at Target, however I believe you can also find this online. 

Not only is this the only brow pencil that I feel like actually fits the color of my brows, (I use natural brown) but it also comes with this brow gel that could probably keep your brows locked in even if there was an apocalypse. It's that good. 

One of the next products happens to be a mix of a bronzer and shimmer by Physicians Formula. You’ve probably seen this brand at your local drug store, as well as Ulta. 

From my knowledge, Physicians Formula is dermatologist tested and approved, and if you happen to have sensitive skin, this brand is most likely a good choice for you. 

Some times I won’t feel like putting on a bronzer and a shimmer, and when this is the case, I turn to this product. This gives you the perfect glow and makes it look like you’ve just spent a weekend at the beach.  For reference you can see the product swatched on my hand above!

The next product is a fairly recent one in my collection. When I first became aware of highlighters I ran to the store to pick up some.

My first highlighter was by Smashbox but it was a powder product. Overtime I've noticed that powder based products, especially when stacked on top of each other, can easily look cakey..and that's the last thing you want! Ever since I've switched to this cream version I've noticed how much more natural it looks on my skin. If you're also struggling with looking older than you are, I would definitely consider switching some of your powder products to creams (this includes bronzers, blushes, shadows, etc)

You can see the highlighter swatched on my hand below. This product also comes in other colors, as well as doubles as a lip color!

Here are also some Youtubers who have amazing, easy to follow tutorials: