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Girlboss: The Good, The Bad, The Problematic



Girlboss: The Good, The Bad, The Problematic

Caitlin Rance


I read girlboss when it first came out.

Sophia was then, and still is my queen (and it sounds so corny even writing it, let alone saying it. What's up with that?)

When Girlboss was finally released on Netflix, I spent just a mere night watching each episode back to back. And I mean, lets be honest, it really isn't that hard to binge. Each episode is as long as it takes you to heat up some leftovers, grab a drink, change into some comfy clothes, and press play. I kind of love it?

After my binge watch, I went on to read what other people said about the show. I've always had this thing when it comes to media pieces like tv, where I feel like I can't form a solidified opinion until I've read what other people have had to say.

So, I have to admit, a lot of critiques did not have amazing things to say. In fact, when I found myself reading articles about how the show was a feminist fraud, it took me a while until I realized it kind of might be. (stay with me)

In a New York Post article written by Jennifer Wright, Wright wrote (lol) about how Girlboss promised, "fun, fashion, and feminism" and yet somehow seemed to fail at the feminism part...something that seemed so right and in line with Sophias story.

Two popular examples that seemed to be used in many articles including Wrights, is how Sophia basically tells her friend the work she does regardless of what she thinks, deems her replaceable when her friend asks to get paid for the hard work she's done for Nasty Gal. The other example used is during the first episode when Sophia seemingly grabs a rug from a storefront and when semi-confronted about paying for it, a sales associate kind of says something along the lines of, "oh she's really not gonna pay for it," doing nothing to stop Amoruso. Now, this is clearly problematic behavior because Sophias style of doing things is kind of brushed off as just being fun, rebellious and a bit quirky. In reality, we have to understand that if this had been anyone other than a pretty white girl, it would be a completely different story.

But alas, this is no one else's story except for Amoruso's!

I'm still not over the biker jacket? It's been screaming my name since I saw it. Metallics will definitely always be in.

I'm still not over the biker jacket? It's been screaming my name since I saw it. Metallics will definitely always be in.

Some things I'd like to point out :

1: This show was made for pure entertainment reasons. If people, and maybe even the show themselves thought the audience would be getting some nuwave mix of feminism and a revival of Girls all mixed into one, they were clearly wrong. 

2: The show blatantly shows the naivety of a young Amoruso, and that's the point. No one pops out of the womb understanding the rights and wrongs of capitalism, institutional feminism, and patriarchy, and you especially don't have it all figured out in your early 20's. 

3: Also, up until recently for many of us, social media was one of the main factors in educating our generation on social issues; things we now can't seem to not think about. In fact, our generation is literally known as being the most knowledgable as information is right at our fingertips. So, If it had not been for social media at least in my position and at my age, I probably wouldn't have cared as much as I do now, nor really understood that women are still lacking in the department of getting top positions in high demanding business and STEM careers, and it's not because they're "less qualified."  We have to learn to give some slack to people.

4: And of course we also have to take into consideration the fact that though this show is 'loosely' based on Amoruso's life, it still recounts the surrounding life events and rise of Nasty Gal. If Amoruso was as big of an asshole and naivie narcissist as she's portrayed in the show, (and she definitely seems to confirm that in her books,) then I'd rather watch a show that portrays that than some painted up picture perfect character. The asshole, who literally knew nothing about business made it, not anyone else.


*If were worried about future 'girl bosses' participating in the same asshole behavior, then we must asks ourselves who were really responsible for. Ourselves? Or everyone else? Just because someone did it one way, doesn't mean you should too.* #PowerOfCriticalThinking #PowerOfCommonSense #THINK

Oversized sunnies will always be in!

Oversized sunnies will always be in!

So no, Girlboss is not your feminist awakening, but what the show may be for you is the moment you realize you should follow your dreams and work your ass off because anything is possible baby.

For me at least, the show really just drove home even more the power of hard consistent work. Seeing all the shit Sophia went through, and knowing before young Sophia does in the show that she'll create a multi-million dollar company, all to go bankrupt, is really...something. However then you make the connection that you also read a book by the girl portrayed in the show, AND you're literally watching a show about her life! SHOOK.  

So, I guess what I'm trying to say (and what my mom always tells me) is, that you can never plan for life. Life always has a funny way of smacking you down right when you seem to be making strides, out of NOWHERE. And while you're crying on the floor, thinking how in the hell will I EVER pick myself up off the ground again, life kicks your ass right back up again and you move on and create something else. 

The Gucci sweater was a perfect touch to a currently popping fashion trend. 

The Gucci sweater was a perfect touch to a currently popping fashion trend. 

On a lighter note, here are some amazing things I happened to love about the show:

San Fransico! I mean, if it didn't make you want to go I don't really know what would? Especially in the height of pop-culture. Like if you think about it, Laguna Beach was probably currently happening, and then the Hills would start before you knew it. This was a fab time, especially to be in California. 

The music was also another great addition. Songs inserted during moments of realization, walking around, driving, etc. had me reminiscing of times when those songs were actually popular. Nostalgic me looked back on days when I was a 10-14 year old listening to those songs in the car and in my bedroom. Truly simpler times.

Highwaisted bikini bottoms (although these are underwear lol) and a simple bikini top is sooo the Summer vibe

Highwaisted bikini bottoms (although these are underwear lol) and a simple bikini top is sooo the Summer vibe

Johnny Simmons aka Shane was also a perfect touch to the show. He's just so cute but like awkward at the same time? I love him. And of course he's a tour manager because what else would he be? But we also know how things end *SPOILER ALERT* it kind of has me thinking like girl, he literally admitted he cheated on his first girlfriend, what makes you think he won't do it with you?

RUPAUL. ARE U KIDDING ME????? I wish he had more screen time. I found myself replaying his scenes just because. I also made the realization that I'll literally die on my own if RuPaul isn't my neighbor. He has that perfect fairy god mother vibe about him.

Lastly, the fashion. Seeing the high waisted jeans, oversized sunglasses, jumpsuits, and just all over semi-tacky but amazing fashion was truly a moment for me. Remember that Tumblr/hipster fashion phase? But when it was semi-cool and not overdone? With like, high waisted swim bottoms and doc martens?  


In Conclusion:

1. Your favs are never perfect and almost always problematic. 

2. The early to middle 2000's fashion, music, and pop culture (peep the O.C. insert in the show) was the best ever.

3. Your 20's are going to look a lot like: !!!!!!! ????! ?? help !!!?? yay ! FUCK!

4. RuPaul is my God.

5. Try to not be an asshole as much as possible. However when you are, check yourself.

6. Follow your goddamn dreams baby.

7. Nothing lasts forever. Not even Nasty Gal! What does last however are the good cool people you surround yourself with, your truth, and your passions.