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Let's Get Spooky

Caitlin Rance

It's almost Halloween! Cue the panic attack because you totally forgot it was right around the corner even though October is the best month out of the year...It's can recover because I love and care about you and want you to look so good people will be liking your pics on Instagram WEEKS after Halloween. I really think I outdid myself with these, so without further ado, let's get spooky 


Leeloo from The Fifth Element!


I thought of this character + the costume after going to see the new blade runner movie thinking i'd seen the original when in reality I was thinking about this movie. I remember being young and watching this movie and being so fascinated by Leeloo (played by Mila Jovovich.) You may be familiar with a white bandage-like costume which Leeloo also wears in this movie-but it's fairly unrealistic to wear it and not have a titty slip out. This is a great costume to shake your booty, eat some candy and make out with a vampire without feeling uncomfortable or cold! 

Glossier Sales Associate!


I came to the realization you could make this into a costume after seeing that ASOS literally sells their uniform online. If you're a Glossier Stan then you NEED to wear this on Halloween. If you snap a good enough Insta they may just see it and gift you with some Balm Dotcom 👀 As they don't sell their pink bags alone anymore, I'd suggest buying some Glossier if you don't have it already. You'll want to carry around their signature pink bubble wrap bag filled with Glossier products to complete the lewk. Plus its a great place to put candy. 

margot tenenbaum!

jeans & a tee
jeans & a tee

Who doesn't love a good Wes Anderson movie character for Halloween? I know I do! We've all got a little bit of Margot in us. I mean, if you're not going through a constant life crisis are you even an inhabitant of Earth? LMK. I think Margot is tres chic so you should definitely consider taking this one on. You can most likely find all of these pieces at your local thrift store/forever 21 but I've included a few items and their links if you're too lazy to leave your room. You'll also want some black kohl eyeliner to complete the look. 

A can of la croix!


A gender neutral tasty dream. If you don't dress up as a can of La Croix I'm judging you. For this costume you're going to need to dress all in one color. I'd study the can you're going to dress up as and see which color fully encapsulates it. If this is too much work for you, go in all black OR in all white. Then your going to want to print out photos of the La Croix label and tape it onto your front and back. If you're crafty, find a way to tape them onto strings so you can wear the label like a necklace! Then of course, you MUST walk around with a can of La Croix! But remember young one...KNOW what flavor you're going as. You can't just say you're going as a can of La Croix and think the people will be satisfied. What flavor? Thank me later 


p.s. If you dress up as any of these characters SEND me photos so I can post them