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Caitlin Rance

 Thursday March 23rd. This would be a long, grueling day of class after class, but what came after that grueling day I could only describe as a shaken up can of coke waiting to explode. After months and months of waiting, I was finally going to get to see my best friend. The only catch: she was about 220 miles away from where I was. 

The road trip started off with pelts of never ending rain and slow moving cars. Not exactly how I pictured the start of this journey. Music, the continuous phone calls from parents, and grassy farmland with cows littered throughout kept me company. It's utterly fascinating being plucked from your seemingly hectic city only to be placed on a road far away from home surrounded by nothing. And yet, life still happens here. Kids go to school, parents go to work, teenagers have their first kisses, babies are born, people die, repeat. 

I quickly find myself entering the town of Sarasota. I've left behind expensive cars for cows and then cows for beach. incredible. Sarasota is a kitchy beach town with museums for everything as my friend says. There a tall, new, white buildings filled up with beautiful things I imagine, and dilapidated small homes also filled with beautiful things i'd imagine.

Character, is the only thing I can confirm almost immediately, that Sarasota has. 

The next couple of days feel like a blur to me now. Singing in the car, roasting on a beach covered with white sand that feels like powder, feeling so full on fish, plantains, and ice cream, going to the farmers market, being served lunch by a handsome French boy, and laying in bed watching films.