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Films to Watch This Summer

Caitlin Rance

I don't know what it is about films for me, but I constantly feel a need to watch one at least a couple times a week. The warm feeling of being transported into another world and then immediately after the credits roll temporarily altering your life to follow the one of a main character you've latched on to is all too familiar for me. I'm constantly on the hunt for a new film to watch and it's always a specific type of film. The way it's shot is SO important to me. I want to fall into a never ending pit of dreamy landscapes, undone looks, and of course pure love. Because of this, I've rounded up all those addictions and created this film list for you! 

A bigger splash Jeans & A Tee


Jeans & A Tee

I saw this film last Summer and it was simply amazing. There's so much to say about this film I just don't know where to star. Taking place in Italy, Tilda Swinton (who plays a world famous rockstar-of course,) relaxes around on an Italian island with her cute as hell bf played by Matthias Schoenaerts until her former flame played by Ralph Fiennes decides to take a visit with his daughter played by Dakota Johnson. While all seems fabulous and picturesque, there are some MAJOR bumps along the way.

*not on Netflix but on xfinity*

Hasan Minhaj Homecoming King jeans & a tee


Jeans & A Tee

This doesn't fall into my "addictions" necessarily, but there's nothing like a good comedy special to get you in a good mood. I first discovered Hasan while watching his set during the White House Corespondent Dinner, and instantly fell in love. He's witty and serious and emotional and so fucking talented it's INSANE. If you're looking for something to make you laugh your ass off but also keep you woke as hell then watch this. 

*On Netflix*

the Rolling Stones jeans & a tee


Jeans & A Tee

The Stones are such a classic band. They're the quintessential band plastered on band tees left and right, and maybe, just maybe you've listened to their music (it's totally fine if you haven't.) Though the stones are far from perfect, I've always been fascinated by them and the rock and roll scene in general. There's just something so dreamy about it. I spotted this film on Netflix a few months back and decided to watch it-and what a treat it was. You learn everything about the Stones from their "humble" beginnings to their current and it's utterly fascinating. It also totally helps seeing shots of young Mick Jagger.

*On Netflix*

5 to 7 jeans & a tee


Jeans & A Tee

My best friend Haley had us watch this when I visited her in Sarasota a few months back. There's just something SO lovely about a classic romance film. Nothing ever works out perfectly, but during those good moments-they're good. Of course it HAS to take place in New York City, because where else would you fall in love? Highly recommend this film.

*On Netflix*

shangri la suite


Jeans & A Tee

I'm such a big fan of Emily Browning, so when I found out this film was coming out I literally tracked it non-stop. This independent filmed by Eddie O'keefe follows two love birds who plan to kill Elvis Presley. YUP! The shots are dreamy, the idea is sort of out there, and it's an all around classic.

*Not on Netflix but can be rented & purchased on iTunes & Amazon*